Chire r Polao / Poha Polao

Hello back again with a tasty snack,, very easy to make, healthy , needs very little oil. But everyone  from kids to older people will like it, very easy to digest.

chire/poha- 250 gm
cauliflower-4 flowers
peas-a handful
ginger- little amount  grated
roasted nuts , cashew-upon taste
raisin- handful
salt, sugar, ghee– as desired
vegetables are cut into diced pieces
green chilli-4-5
soak the chire/poha in water and drain
put the oil in a wok, bay leaf, garammasala, little amount of mustard and methi seeds to splutter
add the onion and the grated ginger

fry for some time

after it gets soft add the vegetables

fry for some time
mix salt and turmeric to taste
then spread the chire
shake the wok
add sugar to taste
put the roasted nuts, cashew, raisin
add green chilli
after you see the polao got cooked, add ghee over the polao.

If anyone does not like ghee, sprinkle with lime juice before serving.

Serve hot

It is delicious if you eat with tomato sauce.


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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for a tasty snack idea. I will try it.

  2. Khushi

    Thank you. Poha is a favourite in my husbands family.

  3. Sarmila

    Thanks a lot for the recipe,, !!

  4. Asha

    I tried the cauliflower recipe and it was very tasty. Thank you for sharing this new one. Only, I tried adding some gravy at the end, but I think it would have been better without. Next time thats what I will do.

  5. Thank you Asha..It is more tasty without gravy.

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