Christmas traditions

Well, here we are….it is christmas time and the entire country seems to be getting inflicted with the festive season-bug. My problem is that this is my first christmas in 30 odd years of my life (give or take a few ;))

Most of the customs and traditions are a bit difficult to grasp..the only tradition that I seem to understand intuitively is “holiday shopping” (my husband would rather that I didn’t).

So I’ve been dragging my son off to stores to buy bizzare things like scented candles, mega stockings, and mistletoes. The other day, I was in the gym and the woman next to me on the treadmill shared her family recipe of making eggnogs, which she said was a secret during the times of dukes and duchesses in scotland somewhere. I truly appreciated her faith and trust in me but I couldn’t for christ sake (no pun intended) understand the fuss about drinking uncooked egg in the first place…

All said, I love to drive back home every evening from work and see those fabulous lights outside people’s makes winter a lot less dreadful. And I am hopeful I will learn some more traditions and stories about christmas this festive season….in the meanwhile, I would love to hear from other moms about these wonderful christmas things like yule logs (what are these for?), christmas ornaments (can we make them?), candy canes etc.


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