Consultants, consultants even a lactation consultant

So back in your home country, have you ever heard of a lactation consultant? I had not. When I heard the term, it seemed to me to be an overkill. One more American way of complicating life and earning money. See why would we need a consultant that for something that is so basic that animals do it with no problems and scores of thin, not too well nourished construction workers in India do with ease on their noisy, dangerous workplaces. I certainly wouldnt need or use one, especially if I had to pay for it.

A day after having my baby, I was ready to retract everything I thought. Was my baby getting enough milk? Why is he still losing weight? Why is it so painful to have him nurse? How should I hold him so that it is at least a little bit comfortable for me to sit? I was sitting hunched over the baby, who was on a thin, flat pillow on my lap, suspended from my nipple. And then she came in, my lactation consultant. Somewhere amid the deluge of questions she added three more flat pillows on my lap, told me to by a breastfeeding cushion for home, positioned me correctly, checked his latch and asked me to keep trying.

See for days after I left my hospital, I could call her with questions. I can say that without the ‘lactation consultant’, I would not have been able to nurse as long as I did.  Maybe back in India I would have family and friends who would teach me how. But here, I had no one. Even my mother was not here. So ladies, anyone who is struggling with breastfeeding, do make sure you take help from the lactation consultant.

Alone in a new country, you need all the help you can get !

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