Controlling your anger

I know that I am new bloggermoms however I am very excited to be joining such an apparantly wonderful online community. I was recently at confession in my church, when it was suggested that rather than taking my anger out on my children I could search for another way to express myself. I recently split with my husband so there is alot of anger in my life and no significant other to share it with. I have discovered a wonderful way to maintain good thoughts to my children while they act like hooligans and therefore control my wrath: photography.

They may seem unrelated but I have discovered that it can bring me closer to God,  and therefor closer to my own calm self. How, you might ask can photography better my relationship with god. Well, every day I take my kids to the church where they sit in prair, while they pray I photograph them in the peace of prayer.  I also take many photos of my preist (preferably when he is unaware). I then develop these photos and put them in a droor at home.

When I feel anger towards my children, I simply pull out these photos and glue them to cardboard, leaving about an inch around the edges as a frame.  I then go around my  house finding items that relate to my children, a passifier, a hair ribbon, a lost lock of hair, and glue them around the frame.  This is a calming activity. I take the photos of my priest and nail them to my walls, so that whenever I catch a glimpse of them I am reminded of my relationship with god.

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