Crazy saturday!!!

So this saturday I have called some friends over. It has been ages since I have done a party at my house..

 Here is the list of things I have to do on saturday..

1.Clean/mop the whole house..I am going to  try this tomorrow so that I wont be busy on Saturday.
2. Take my son to Karate at 9:30..
3. Take him to get his soccer picture at 10:30..
4. Take him to soccer game at 11…
5. Come back and cook..I am thinking about making 5 dishes.Maybe  I should cook 2 dishes On friday..
6.Take my kids to the School carnival at 4:30.Get back to the house at 6:30.Guest are coming at 7.

My husband may need to go to the airport on saturday to pick up his friend so I may have to do all these stuff alone…Maybe not the cleaning part..he can do that…

I will try to get some pics of the dishes I make so that I can post it here…

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  1. sands

    That is one ambitious plan, at least for me! My suggestion would be to cook 3 or even 4 dishes Friday night and clean up as well as setting the table the night before the party. Saturday,enjoy soccer and carnival….ahem you will be tired!! Leave the clean up for DH or he can take your son to one of the events while you work at home!
    Don’t forget to have fun!

  2. Pry

    Good Idea Sands!!..But the major problem here is most of the dishes I make contains coconut as I am from South.If I make the dishes the day before it may go bad even if I put it in fridge..It has happened to me before…Well I am asking my DH to stay back home so that he can do all the kid stuff..:-)Hopefully his friend will postpone his trip 🙂

  3. Dora

    I think Sands is right. I dont know much about Sounth Indian cooking but can you not make the dishes a day early and just add coconut milk or shreds that day? Then they might hold. I love the DH term! All the best

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