CRCT time !!!

My first grader is going to have CRCT exams soon..Its right after the spring break. I havent started making him practice any worksheets. Recently, I ordered some practice sheets from triump learning. The books with the shipping charge came to be $40. I havent opened it yet..I will soon ­čÖé

For parents , whose kids are not in first grade yet, CRCT is like the final exam of the year. If you get good marks in it, you will be considered for Focus/TAG program. The Focus program is the class where they will be given more challenging work. This class will be 2 or 3 hrs /day or can be 1 full day.It depends on the county.

These days I dont get time to sit with him .I am so┬átired after going to work that I dont have the patience to sit with him. How do working moms do it? I am sure stay at home moms will be going through some kind of challenge too…

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  1. Smitha

    I have tough time making my son sit with me to practice any worksheets…Must be boys behaviour..What books did you buy for practice?

  2. winfried

    $40.00? what is your son studying? Nuclear Physics?

  3. Priya

    lol. Would have made me better if it was Nuclear Physics !!!!I know Win..$40 is too much…This is for 2 book reading and math.If he goes to highschool then I may have to get all the subject for books $100..LOL

  4. winfried

    Hehehe Imagine Priya, If you are paying the big bucks now, wait when he gets to college..!

    Im glad I play the lottery, subsidizing the HOPE scholarship jejeje

  5. Priya

    Smitha- I got him only the book above. School Box has lot of practce workbooks but I dont want to spend my money more. I dont think he will finish the above books…Why waste my money ???:-)

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