Crooked Wisdom

The visit to the dentist was imminent. The toothache was tormenting and popping in pain killers brought not a little relief. My first visit to the dentist was brief and sweet. But he advised the crooked wisdom teeth, all four of them had to be removed, two at a time, as they were imbedded in the jaw bone. I was scared as  the only other times I had visited the dentist was just to get the cleaning done. After dilly dallying for over two days I finally mustered up the courage to go for an extraction. I walked into the dentist clinic with cold feet. But assured myself it cannot be worse than being in labor for three days. If I could go through that, this should be a cake walk.

 The procedure started and weird instruments were working on my gums and teeth. The sight of the syringe to make the area to be operated numb was dreadful. I closed my eyes and started thinking of beautiful things in my life….. I had to take my mind away. But the tic tac noise that I heard was making it impossible for me to think of anything pleasant. It seemed like an eternity that my jaw was open but when I checked the time and to my amazement only half an hour had passed. There was still one and half hour to go. God bless me!

 Finally the teeth, one by one, came out and the dentist advised me not to talk for some time. Little did I know its going to be two days before I can move my jaw. I love to talk and to communicate in sign language was no fun.  Once the effect of the anesthesia started wearing off, the pain was excruciating, unbearable. I waited impatiently for hours to pass by in between my dosage for pain killers.

 But more than the tooth ache it was heart warming to see my son making umpteen efforts to make me talk. I guess he, who otherwise is probably tired of hearing mom’s cacophony all the time, was taken aback to see his mom not say a word….. literally. He came hugged me and said “Love you Mama.” waiting for the usual reply from me, “I love you too sweetheart.” To keep him engaged my husband gave him the coloring book and crayons and noticing no involvement from me, he started coloring the marble floors in the bedroom while saying “Mama says not to be done,”  knowing fully well that he is not supposed to do it. Looking up at me, expecting some reaction. I guess even if it meant scolding him, he would’ve felt happy that at least Mama spoke. When my mother called to find out how am I, even before she had asked, my son said, “Mama is in a lot of pain.” So very adorable!

 That was only left side of the wisdom teeth. There are two more to go, on the right side. Don’t know how am I going to go for it again






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  1. Pry

    Indrani..Hope you feel better soon…I had taken 1 out a week after my baby girl was born.And I could take only light pain medication as I was breastfeeding..It was horrible…But you will feel better in a week..Hang in there!!!

  2. pria

    hi..Indrani, ur using the phrase..” bring in labour fr 3 daz” ws hilarious. Hope u gt well soon. Lots of love to ur Sweetie pie..

  3. pria

    hi..Indrani, the phrase” not worse than being in labour fr 3 daz ” ws hilarious.hahaha
    Hey hp u gt well soon. Lots of lov to ur Sweetie pie baby..:)

  4. Khushi

    Oh my god! That was such a painful experience. And not talking for two days with a small kid is difficult but I loved the way your son dealt with it – trying to coax a reaction, and then, more importantly, understanding why you are not reacting usually. I think it says volumes about your time and teaching that he can understand and react this way. All the best if you go for the others. I have pretty bad teeth, and I love what you wrote about the sound of the instruments! That is one of the most irritaing parts of the dentist.

  5. Indrani

    Thanks so much for all your comments. U bet it was painful! But thankfully I have almost recovered now and on my way to enjoy kababs and all.

  6. joysree

    i liked the hilarious way you explain the whole thing.i am a veteran tooth patient.and I understand the pain you have gone through. Your son is really very loveable.

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