Dad in Question: Winfried

Name:  Winfried
Occupations: Network Admin
Kids: 2 daughters: Ileana 17, Ashley 13
Born and brought up:  Maracaibo, Venezuela,
Countries lived in:  Venezuela, Germany, UK and US
Cultures that influence my life: Latin American , European (Germany/Spain)
What were some of the most interesting things you found about living and working here in the US?
One of the most interesting thing is that Spanish is the 2nd language of the US. Just go to South Florida and everybody is Bilingual.

What do you see as some of the most surprising things about the workplace in US vs. your home country?

In the US you make the big bucks. :0)
What surprises you most about raising kids here vs. your home country?

Dont know my kids were born and raised in the US.

What makes life interesting when raising multi cultural kids?

The fact that they are bilingual (English\Spanish) , and how the mix words from both languages, creating Spanglish all the time.

Festivals you celebrate?

Gee we celebrate every festival.. why not?  :0)
Three things you would do to change the world?

Vote Democrat, vote Democrat, vote Democrat

Fun activity you do with kids?

Paint ball  and boxing

Fun activity you do for yourself?

Play war games on the Internet with my internet buddies. Also Social networks like facebook to interact with friends and family.

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  1. winfried

    hehehe Nice Mom..!! hehehe

  2. Pry

    Nice pic Win!! Wish I had that beer in my hand now..

  3. Khushi

    Winfried, nice to see apic of you and learn more about it. I thought you would have more mac mentions! Also, havent heard from you since Mr. O won the dem primary.

  4. winfried

    Hey Pry, I found that beer in Florida. Its called “Land SharK” and it is awesome! I really like it!



    Khushi, the thing is half the questions were about work and kids and couldnt talk about my macs. :0)
    But.. NOW that u mention it, the iphone 3G is gonna be available 07/11 for just $199.00. I already asked for the day off to purchase it and will give u an update. BTW, i did a comment about father’s day, i was hoping the iPhone would have been available 06/09 but OH well… patience is a virtue, i want one sooooo bad since i lost my old one… :0(

  5. Khushi

    How did you lose your old one! Well I hpe the new one is out soon. Yes, I saw the comment, it was useful to know.

  6. winfried

    I went out with the wifey , had a few beers too many and the iphone disappeared. :0(

    Good think 07/11 is getting closer!


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