Daddy’s girl

Every evening I make tea and we seat around the table. While I & hubby are enjoying tea Aarohi my daughter enjoys her sippy with glucose biscuit. On last Sunday hubby went for groceries while Aarohi and I were enjoying a Sunday nap. After getting up she started asking where is “Baba”. I told her that he will be back soon. she played for a while and then suddenly realized something very urgent needs to be done. so she hurriedly came to me and said “come..” she has just started saying these cute little words. then she held my finger & took me to the kitchen. she started saying “cha.. baba… bishkit…”

so she was telling me see mamma Baba went all the way to groceries while both of us were njoying afteroon nap and u r saying soon he will be back, so u better hurry up and make some tea for my Baba 🙂

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  1. indrani

    That’s a very sweet post.

  2. Khushi

    Nice post and I love the name

  3. Asha

    So cute. Daddy’s little girl!

  4. Tana

    Very cute post. Apparently I used to do the same with my mom when I was little, except that it was making him “akkims” out of frozen ice. And I am going to share a secret – my name for a future baby is also Aarohi (from classical music’s Aaroh – ever ascendant). I love the name so much that in the meantime my home network is called Aarohi. How sad is that 🙂

  5. Ketaki

    Thanks everyone for such sweet comeents!

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