Daily Tip-off – Banana Peel as a Rose Bush Fertilizer

This is something that I learned while I was living in California – the land of Roses.  Banana Peels makes an excellent fertilizer for a rose bush.  You can bury a flattened banana peel under the soil of a rose bush.  The pottasium from the peel helps feed the plant and make it disease resistant.

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  1. Khushi

    Where do you think of these! This is very cool.

  2. Yasmin

    I will definitely try this,..I have a few rose bushes in our backyard. Thanks for this tip.

  3. vasudev

    i want my rose bush to grow a little bit faster as i am eger to see the blooms for pollination& wanted some tips to extract pollen for pollination because when i extract pollen it is visible but they dont come in my grip for pollination please help me out trusting a positive response

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