Daisy and the Candlestands

Howdy Moms,

Having a good day? I had a great day and I have my buddy Daisy and shopping to thank:-)

Well….I would not really say “shopping” with an aim to buy something specific….oh well maybe socks for “Elvis” my 4 yr old son. The shopping for socks turned into stumbling on treasure for me. In layman’s terms that means I found stuff I didn’t even know I wanted (wanted NOT needed) pay attention ladies.

So the treasure I found was a pair of crystal candle stands that had my name written all over it in bold AND flashing. I looked at them and was in love. Be still my beating heart.

See my will power,I didnt pick them up immediately. I took myself around the store once and came back to them just to calm myself down. Then I picked up the candle stands and went for another stroll with them in my basket for a second opinion, from Daisy. As you know Daisy and I are best friends and think alike. (Pls see older posts to wipe that confused look from your faces dear ladiezz 🙂

Ok….so my love for the CS (and very pretty ones at that) had increased not decreased….and that was a sure sign that they were meant for me. However, only one test stood between me and the CS. Yes, the really difficult one which says that if you love something a lot let it go and if it comes back to you its yours something something. Well….in this case it meant that if someone else bought them, I would resign to my fate. It did help that it was 10am and no human traffic.

As difficult as it was….I put the candlestands back from where I had picked em up and left. I went and did some more boring shopping read socks in the store and then came back. Lo and behold…..the CS were still in the place I had left them. It was meant to be. WE were meant to be. They belonged in my house over the mantelpiece. I had a already justified the price at first sight. I really did NEED them. What if the light ever went out and I stumbled in the dark and broke my foot. Wouldn’t that cost more to fix than the candlestands?

There…..the deal was sealed and the Candlestands and I walked hand in hand (literally) to the sales clerk “-)))

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