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Hello ladies,

Happy fall!! Do you feel that chill every morning when you are trying to get up and every single minute that you can spend under the covers is pure bliss cause who would like to get up and get on with the daily chores rather than just snooze? Then I have to remind myself that the kids need to be dressed and sent off….oh drat!
I hate winters unless I can spend them under big heavy quilts like the ones we had in Delhi growing up. Girls from the south of India are going…..huh?…yea I know you guys had no winters to speak of and when November came the families south of MP just increased their tea intake….there winters taken care of.
I am talking about the heavy duty quilts stuffed with cotton and heaters NOT blowers like they have today. I am talking about wearing 2 woolen sweaters and 3 pairs of socks one on top of the other. When you had to switch on the geyser 30 minutes before you took a bath. When you stood for the school bus at the bus stand shivering but refusing to pull the socks up. When you could not not see the car in front of you at night because of the fog. Not that I miss those terribly but they make for some wonderful memories 🙂
Today while picking up Elvis from school my hands without any notice took me to the Mc D drive thru and my mouth just blurted out “1 small Caramel Frappe pls”…I was just aghast. What had I just done? Had I not promised myself no more frappes once fall came cause I had more than my share this summer and then some. Had I not promised to patronize the Pumpkin spice lattes now? Well, I reasoned, there were still 3 minutes to pick Elvis up and it was 67 degrees outside. Many of the northern states in th US that counts as summer. Oh oh…and the associate hadn’t asked if I did or didn’t want any whipped cream and as suspected there came my frappe with a full head of white hair. Oh well….I thought…I will go vacuum today and maybe some of the 300 calories I consumed will be sucked into the vacuum :-))….a girl can hope can’t she?

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