Hello Ladiezzzz,

Notice the zzzz…..or the lack of it?

Remember the time when you could sleep till 12 in the afternoon (on weekends of course) and be woken up cause of either of 2 things:-

 1.Ringing of the phone or secondly cause you were hungry. Yup…I remember that time. Right up until the beginning of my first pregnancies 2nd trimester . Though I cant for the life of me figure out how it was possible to sleep till that late then. Why can’t I sleep past 7 am anymore and that also after waking up about half a dozen times each night? Why Mother Nature Why? Why can I not have the good fortune of knowing what that uninterrupted sleep feels like anymore?

 These days it seems that all I do is ferry both my children Elvis and Presley back to their room about a hundred times. They go to sleep in their room and soon during the night I will feel that there is no room on my king sized bed. And sure enough both the kids are on it sleeping like logs while I am at the edge of the cliff ready to be pushed over if I dare protest or be tortured by my 2 yr old son’s constant whining in his sleep for milk if I utter a sound and his brain recognizes that voice to be mommie’s. So, for the sake of peace I lie very still on the edge of the bed like a corpse, eyes wide open,listening to my 4 yr old talk in his sleep even daring to smile when he protests to not being given a chance at playing WII (all in his sleep) till I know both the kids can be carried off to their room.

Then begins the process of scooping them up verrrry slowly which usually takes 15 minutes per child and then depositing them in their bedrooms. Ahhh…..so finally I have more space and freedom to move my legs and arms without the fear of a child being touched by them and in the process being bombarded by the cries of milk.

Ok…so maybe now I can start the process of falling asleep once again ….for the hundredth time this night. Who knows, I might be lucky and will be woken by by the morning light this time and not by two little children who will hold my sleep hostage. I will be crediting another sleepless night in my diary to my children once again and one day when my boys are older and on their own,then I can hold them hostage to a full day with mommy….sigh.

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  1. Khushi

    Nice one, Daisy!

  2. indrani

    Good one, Daisy

  3. New Mom

    Happy Weekend Daizzzzz. Get some sleep… In two years maybe you will get some uninterrupted sleep 🙂 Hilarious writing.

  4. Daisy 🙂 now I know who you are,,,, lol,,, this  was so funny, and although you at least can somewhat get your bed back, mine refuses to sleep in his. I am making it a goal, to take back what is mine, and Im sure my hubby will be VERY happy about that too. I enjoyed reading this for real. !!!!

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