Delicious Corn With Pea

Hello, back again with a healthy snack, it is really tasty and anyone of any ages can eat this food as a snack.
corn- 5tablespoon (frozen)
pea-2 tablespoon (frozen)
salt, pepper,lime juice
put the corn and pea in a bowl, toss with butter, microwave for 1-2 mins,
take out , spread salt and black pepper over it. Add little amount of lime juice.Serve hot.


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  1. khushi

    I tried this and it was a superhit. Thank you for such a quick nutritions snack. I think kids will like it too.

  2. sarmila

    looks healthy!! thanks

  3. Anonymous

    Very quick and easy. thank you

  4. Indrani

    Sweet corn is my son’s favourite. I make it very often for his evening snack.

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