Discipline a first grader

I have a seven year old kid who recently has started to not listen to me anymore!!! I am talking to other parents.They suggest that he being a boy its expected.. But I also got the same response from some girls parents too..

In the mornings we are always in a hurry to get to the school at the correct time..Our school bus doesnt come inside..I have to drop him by car. He is ok getting up in the correct time..But after that it feels like he is in a zone. He goes down and sits in the breakfast chair dazed out. He eats something ..I have to tell him atleast 5 times to get up and put the jacket on.Same thing to put his socks on….

I get so irritated when he doesnt do it by the third time..Then I raise my voice and he raises his voice and is like
“Mommy, why are you screaming at me ?”

Ok in India, slapping is allowed.Not in U.S. Time out doesnt work for him. If I say timeout, he will be too happy to go to his room and sleep or read a book and will be a lot happy to miss the school.

Do you guys think I should wake him up early everyday? Maybe thats what I should do..:-(

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  1. winfried

    Tell him u take him to Mcdonalds if he does everything on time, or if he get dress with no problems you would make him the breakfast he wants, on the other hand if he doest do it he doesnt get anithing.

    Reward – Punishment.

    I still do the same thing with my 17 year old, gimme an A I’ll pay the gas, a B half tank; C u pay for it . D I’ll impound the car…..

  2. winfried

    I almost forgot, If he does do it on time DO NOT go back on ur word, FOR ANYTHING, if you do, is going to be hard for him to cooperate with you again!

  3. Priya

    LOL 🙂 Win– I cant imagine when my kids grow up be teenagers…It will be LOT of FUN!!!

  4. winfried

    Its hard Priya. Specially the 13 year old wants to do the same things as the 17 year old!! Lots of Psychology … hehehehe

  5. winfried

    Smitha, It has been several days since this post.

    How is your Son doing?

  6. Smitha

    Win- I have been making him get up 10 min earlier than usual. He goes to sleep 10 -15 min early. Thats giving him more time to get dresses ..Also I tried the reward and punishment thing.Looks like its working..I dont want to jinx it …Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the excellent idea…

  7. winfried

    I smitha Im glad to hear that all is getting better!!!

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