Disease Of A Prostate

Today I like to tell you about a very common disease in young men.

 The most common prostate problem is Prostitis.The symptoms include low back pain, bowel pain during evacuation, pain during ejaculation, or pain during a rectal exam. There may also be pus in the urine resulting in fever.

  A common cause of death in older men  is cancer of prostates. It is important for adult males to have a routine prostate check.

 As Testosterone production diminishes , the prostate begins to degenerate , tumors may develop and obstruct the urethra. Estrogen therapy may also help retard the cancerous growth.

              ZINC is necessary for a healthy prostate gland. Of all the body’s tissues, Zinc concentration is highest in the prostate and in sperm. Zinc deficiancy is associated with abnormalities in sperm, sexual problem and prostate diseases.

          Zinc is not stored in great quantities in the body and the daily diet must therefore supply it. Foods such as small fresh fish,  seeds, nuts, whole grains, milk, fresh peas, carrots should be eaten regularly for adequate zinc ingestion. If a man’s diet does not routinely supply these zinc-rich foods, I would suggest take a zinc supplement everyday. It will help to prevent this disease for young men…

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  1. Khushi

    I did not know prostrate was common. Thanks for posting on this. You know, our doctor told us that zinc is good for immunity also, just like vitamin c and we should take more of it in the cold and flu season.

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