Disneyworld part 2 – Packing and Magic Kingdom

So as I said, I wanted to continue all about what I learnt at my time in Disney world about visiting the parks with a two year old or a toddler.

Now, before I left, I thought that I would pace the days and keep it simple, as the babe can get overstimulated and tired. Good intentions, but in the mayhem of the park, very difficult to maintain. So the babe did end up getting tired out quite a bit.

Must packs from home beyond the usual diaper stuff-

  • Sunscreen, sunscreen and more waterproof sunscreen
  • Hats for all
  • Swim pants and gear, if you want to use the pool in the hotel. They allow you to bring your own toys.
  • Stroller – The babe walks everywhere and usually we never use the stroller. But Disney is huge, and the kids get tired easily, so a stroller, preferably one with a sunshade is a good idea. You can also rent strollers in disney, but they are harder ones so may not be as comfortable. (However, its good in a way that they are hard since its easy to wipe down before use)
  • Snacks that you can carry – apples, bars, cereals, raisins etc – you can always buy them at a grocery store in Orlando or carry them if you are driving. I did not find the snack selection very appealing – lemonades, ice creams and the like.
  • Light jacket for evenings depending on the weather
  • A travel potty or potty seat if you use them

To take to parks:

  • Sunscreen
  • Swim pants and change of clothes (there are nice fountains that kids love to splash in and cool off – the babe ended up getting completely drenched standing on top of a disappearing one. And I had not taken a change of shorts….luckily the hot sun helped)
  • Snacks
  • Sippy cups – Straws are in short supply, specially in Animal kingdom. You may just want to carry a straw or two of your own for some of the milk packs etc.
  • Usual diaper/pullup geat
  • Hats
  • Sun glasses
  • Park maps

Before you enter:

  •  Park maps are available everywhere but ask at the information centers or hotel for the special ‘Kids under 5’ map which marks out safe rides, heights allowed for rides, rides with loud noises etc. You can also plan this online but I liked the map they handed out better,
  • Check out where the baby care center is. Each park has one. They are just fabulous – wonderful quiet room for nursing with rocking chairs, large changing tables which are cleaned regularly, high chairs, play areas and even a shop for baby food and neccessities. Unfortunately there is only one in each park. Another advantage – if your child is scared of the automatic flushes at all the toilets, the ones in these centers have regular flushes. But, having said that all the other restrooms also have good changing tables and toddler height toilets.
  • Plan out your route – we did not do this, and ended up walking much more.
  • Identify play grounds. Tots do get over stimulated and play grounds provide a much needed outlet which they love.

You may want to keep  the load light since you do have to lug stuff around once you ‘park’ the strollers in various stroller parking.

I think I mentioned that we loved animal kingdom and magic kingdom. Epcot – not so much. Here are some of the rides we liked:

Magic Kingdom

I think two fast pass rides are good for tots – Peter Pan and Pooh. So you may want to space them in your day. If I went again, I would take Peter pan fast pass, do ‘Its a small world’ which is just opposite, and then head over to the Pooh area. The babe loved ‘Poohs playful spot’ which is just a play area. Pooh and friends usually hang around by the play ground too, so we had ice creams while we stood in line.He also loved meeting Ariel, though the wait is unbeliavable! The splash fountains near Ariel is fun too. The Pooh ride is fun also. Once the Peter pan ride is over, get a fast pas for the Pooh ride. Both are very gentle.

Cinderella’s carousel was nice, as was the Mad Hatters tea cups. You can control the speed of spinning for your cups, so you can enjoy the ride without getting dizzy. The babe loved the Indy Speedway race track where he got to drive a car with dad, of course. Dumbo was a bit scary and the lines were long, but he keeps talking about moving the levers to go up and down now.

The Micky’s toontown fair area is good with Micky’s house (Minnie’s was closed when we went), Donalds boat (tons of fun), another play area and the train. We did not do the roller coaster but its supposed to be good.

We did the parade and nearly melted in the heat (it was at 3) but the babe does not watch much TV and I think the parade is more interesting for someone who follows the stories. However, there is a parade at 9 which is great and the fireworks that follow are wonderful (though the loud noises may be quite scary).

Now, the babe didnt know much about the characters before we went and I had thought I would not need to spend on an autoraph book or stand in line, but we started off with Pluto and the babe loved it. He was a but shy with dear old Plutes, but I told him to pat his fur and see how soft it is etc, and the shyness broke. The lines at Magic Kingdom were longer than say Epcot or Animal Kingdom, but it was a good area to meet pooh.

Of course, you could always do some character meals.

Ok, have to go again, its story time. I will write Animal Kingdom and more tomorrow. See you!

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