Dispatches from India – Expected sickness, unexpected misery!

So I have been writing here on bloggermoms on my trip to India with my two year old. The Babe is sick. I had kind of expected that will happen. Its his first time in India, and I am afraid I have not been over careful about eating outside. He loves Pizza, and loved Pizza hut.  I had thought he will get a Dilli belly and then be fine. But Delhi is going through a brutal cold wave. Temperatures are very low, and since no one has central heating, we have been bundling up to stay warm. But the babe, tired of staying in the flat, had been enjoying walks and rickshaw rides and the like. And he caught a cold and a cough and now a slight fever.

Whenever the Babe fell sick in the US, I always thought ‘ Oh I wish I was in India….’ How nice to be surrounded by knowing elders, moms and aunts who know what to do and will magically conjure up home remedies. I could lie back and watch them manage it, call Doctors who dont prescribe too much drugs, come to your house and take care of everything. Then I could go buy super cheap medicines, and give them to the babe. Not like the US. Rushing to a sterile, and efficient clinic, getting a few mins with the doc, and driving through Walgreens if needed. Well, I was in a fools paradise.

It doesnt work that way. Once your kid is sick, as a mom you cant just lie back. And all those remedies suggested – often they dont seem right (some are totally against US logic, and the books I have read. And if the babe does not get better, and you get his sore throat and a cough. Well thats worse. The meds are cheap, abd the docs good (they do make house calls still and its relaxed) but the babe has been spoilt in the US and wont take a drop of his vitamin. Plus, every kid seems to be down with something, some even pneumonia.

Plus the babe, in true Gandhian tradition, has given up food. Drinks only lemonade and water. No roti, no veggies, no bread, even a vomiting spell after my home made mac and cheese. So I am in unexpected misery, in the middle of my vacation. Wish me luck, bloggermoms!

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  1. Dora

    I am sorry that you and your kid is feeling bad. Get well soon

  2. Anonymous

    My daughter fell sick too, once she reached India. But soon (about two weeks) they becom ok and have fun with cousins and grand parents

  3. Khushi Mommy

    Thank you both for your comments. I have to start him on antibiotics, so hope it goes well.

  4. Smitha

    My son got diarrhea.It was bad..Luckily it went away after 7 days..

  5. zeenia

    When my kids get sick I make mashed potato and rice (Bengali delicacy) with a little bit of ghee. Even though they are used to American diet mostly, still the smell of ghee seems irresistible for them. Hope this works for you too.

  6. shonalie

    Hey take a chill pill sweety. I know some remedies from a doctor’s suggestions (my peaditrician in bangalore is a great one for “natural” stuff)

    – For Skin rashes use “atogla” cream (aloe vera based cream for babies)
    – For a congested nose if saline drops are ineffective and the cold is severe – add a few drops of eucalyptus oil (mix with coconut oil) and apply it on his chest and nose
    – Try light steaming through the day (this is “very tricky to implement” thanks to fidgety kid and scalding possibility so be careful)
    – For an irritated throat (along with the antibiotics) give lots of sips of warm water with honey)
    I picked up the purest honey ever – from the ‘Matri Stores’ (u know where that is!)

  7. Khushi Mommy

    Thank you very much for you wishes and great ideas. Zeenia, I am afraid not just the kid but the mom too gets tempted by the ghee smell 🙂 Shonalie, I will get the honey and these are some great remedies.

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