Dispatches from India – Lagging on jetlag

  Ok, so this is my second post about traveling to India with a toddler or baby for the first time. It’s been lovely to be home as you can imagine. We reached home only around 4 the first day, so we both slept till 11:00. But I am writing on day two, and both the babe and I are having a serious case of jet lag. Everyone says you have to stay awake one whole day and then you become better. So we did. The babe had a blast playing with his Dadu and Didu (Grandpa and Grandma). He explored the ‘playroom’ that they had set up for him with soft toys and dolls from my childhood, and a few new trucks. He loved jumping on the bed up and down, up and down. The coir mattresses are made for these things I think and the grandparents let him J He explored the house – a flat, much smaller than the suburban house we have in the US. And then by six he was wiped out and slept. I was awake however till late night, enjoying my old room which I am seeing after five years, reading old, yellowed, old book smelling books from my past. And then the babe woke up at 3:30 and would not sleep. I tried for an hour, and he did and then it didn’t work so I let him play. The next night, he woke at 1:30. The night is so alive here compared to my subdivision. Someone set off a car alarm, which set off all the stray dogs. Cars passing by on the main road honk a lot. So the babe was just listening to the sounds, till I switched on the heater as a ‘white noise’ machine and we dozed off till 5:30. And so on, everynight its getting better.As can be expected, the babe is loving not having to use his car seat. No one uses them here and the back seats don’t have seat belts! He loves running around our landing and go up and down the elevator in our apartments and cast furtive glances at the many stray doggies when he goes for a walk. Yesterday he went for a riskshaw ride and was thrilled beyond anything yet. Add to that that he saw a cow eating garbage. What can top that!

We have a family of monkeys living on window ledges and beams in our flats. So all the screen/net doors are closed all day, or the monkeys will come in and help themselves to whatever food you have in the kitchen. Yesterday we saw four of them. The babe was thrilled.

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  1. Dora

    That sounds tough and fun at the same time! Enjoy your stay.

  2. Smitha

    I wish I was in India..I miss my moms food….

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