Dispatches from India – What to expect when you look like you are expecting

 …but are actually not….

 So I had written about how a runaway appetite has left me with a protruding belly. Add to that the fact that I have a two year old running around, and just the hint of a glow as a result of my first professional facial in three years. All in all I look like I am expecting when actually am not. First at the school reunion – congratulations right and left – didnt know why. Since I hadnt met any one of the people there for years, I thought it was for having my first baby till someone explicitly mentioned it.

So I get doors opened for me sometimes, and knowing smiles in the elevator or from shopkeepers.

Then some comments with well meaning relatives –

  • ‘This is the ideal age gap’
  •  ‘I think children should have siblings to play with’
  • ‘No one tells till second trimester, its OK’
  • To the babe – ‘So when is your mommy having another one’
  • “I think you are hiding something’
  • ‘My neighbor is having a baby and told me all about it. I gave her a lot of advice’

And so on…. I usually explain it, but am debating whether to give it up altogether. I will keep writing more dispatches, now more frequently as the babe is better…THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR WISHES. I do appreciate it.

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  1. Smitha

    I have heard the 1st and 2nd comments a lot

  2. Khushi Mommy

    yes, isnt it funny!

  3. Dora

    This one is funny!

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