Dreams …………………. Unfulfilled!

The first Youth Olympic game was held in Singapore with much enthusiasm and fervour. Of the many events that I had been watching, I closely followed the gymnastics for women, be it the floor exercises, balance beam, uneven bars or the vault. Starting from the prelims to the final rounds, I haven’t missed a single event. I am a great supporter of the 15 year old young Russian gymnast Voktoria Komova. And I liked what she said during an interview. “I can’t vote but I can get the whole nation on feet.”

An innocent casual question from my 4 year old son, “Mamma, why are you so enthusiastic for gymnastics” took me back close to 25 years.
The year was 1984. Olympic was being held in USA. This was the first time, apart from the 1982 Asian Games that I was interested in world sports. A young vibrant American gymnast, Mary Lou Retton had enthralled the whole world with her acrobats, winning gold for the all round category and silver and bronze medals for vault, uneven bars and floor exercises. So enthused was I that for the next term in school, I promptly signed for gymnastics as my co-curricular activities. My primary school was one of the very few schools in Delhi which offered this sport and I decided to be a gymnast as I grow up. Yeah, when one is young, one dreams of conquering the world. Shorty after that there was a documentary that was done on Nadia Comaneci from Romania. Her perfect scores of 10.0 on seven categories in 1976 Olympic made me sure gymnastics was the way to go.
I went for eight training sessions (they were held once a week) with a special coach visiting the school. The first couple of them were warming up sessions and then the real rigorous ones started. They were painful to say the least, and quite difficult to do. Those made me admire the likes of Nadia Comeneci and Mary Lou Retton even more. I was told that I was bit late in starting my training. Also my physique wasn’t one that was meant for gymnastics… I was tall and pretty well built. 
And so the dreams of becoming a world class gymnast remained unfulfilled. Yet, every time I see a young gymnast performing, I get excited and awed with ease and joy with which they perform the acrobats, something I could not endure beyond few training sessions.
Has anyone of you ever dreamt of doing or becoming something different than what you did eventually? Come on, let us share our stories.

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  1. Khushi

    Oh I know – Mary Lou Retton and all those gymnasts were so graceful and seemed so perfect. I loved the Nadia serial on TV too. Thanks for this very nice post which brings back childhood memories. You know what I secretly wanted to do? I wanted to be featured in the Thumbs Up taste the thunder ads which showed so many people winning things.

  2. PHOI

    Funny I cant even remember what I wanted to be. probably as we grow up there are too many thoughts or dreams or both. So I do know what i am dreaming of now – I want to own a beach resort where I am the chef. As they say dream on…its free.

  3. Gulnaz

    I wanted to be a bravery award winner on independence day.

  4. indrani

    Khushi, its never too late for featuring in an ad…. you can still hope to do so.
    PHOI, all the best for your dream beach resort. Hope you are able to own one soon.
    Gulnaz, you can win any award, if not on Indepence Day, surely from your loved one.

  5. Khushi

    I know !…. it may even be genetic as now the babe is fascinated by ads.

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