Driving dreams

Admitting to this is one of my biggest embarrassments. It’s been so long that I cant even remember how long I’ve been here in the US – and yet I don’t know how to drive.
Honestly I’ve run out of excuses as to why I can’t and now that my toddler son is growing up – its beginning to be a deterrent to him as well.
I do realize that driving is not difficult – it takes very little to learn it. But the responsibility that comes with driving scares the living daylights out of me. What if I crash into a lamp post? What if I hit the oncoming car? What if I floor the gas instead of the brake. I see the insurance company going “Tut tut, I told u so…”. I cease to be a sane person ones I have my hands on the wheels. I have imaginary fears that I am struggling with the moment I sit on the driver’s seat. I have to have a quiet moment, draw a deep breath and try again….
Yes, I do know driving is an essential skill to have and ones you know it, it ceases to be an effort. Sometime soon, I want to put my son into soccer and if I cant drive, he’s eventually going to be losing out. And oh, Kumon too.
For me driving is not just about helping my son, it’s about power – to get up and go around. It’s about being able to run out and get chocolate pralines from my local bakery when I’m in the mood. It’s about being able to take my son to his yearly check up’s without asking my husband to take the day off. Imagine being able to get my manicures done when my son is in school and not waiting for a weekend. I’m sure weekends will take on a whole new meaning in my life.
And yes, I do know the routine – driving school, not the husband. A few lessons and I should be good to go. So I have promised to learn within a month. Do you thinks its doable? Any encouraging tips for novices like me?

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  1. Meenakshi

    Yes, it’s doable. I have driven in India(it was like playing one of those handheld games..exhausting!) and here and it’s easier to drive here than in India because you have automatic and everybody follows road rules(atleast most of them!).
    I hope you will be driving a car with automatic transmission and I have no doubt that you will stick to stopping at stop signs,slowing at orange light, staying within speed limit, etc. You will do great!.

  2. Indrani

    Absolutely Chandana, just go for it. I had the same scare when I was trying to learn driving, (I was in India at that time), and my father said “If so many people can drive around with IQ much lesser than yours, so can you” You have no idea how mobile you will feel, once you learn the skill

  3. Khushi

    Go for it!! You will feel very mobile and confident. Just remember – follow all the rules.

  4. Prema

    Chandana… I can’t believe you don’t drive! Just get to it! Remember the freedom your red TVS gave you :). Btw.. I’m learning too. Driving itself is easy… it’s your own fears about hitting people/crazy drivers that is an impediment. You’ll have to gradually forget those.

  5. Prema

    And back to ediotr mode… replace all those ‘ones’ with ‘once’. I’m shocked at such a basic spelling going wrong!!!

  6. Prema

    Ones! Please replace those two ‘ones’ with ‘once’. What were you thinking?!

  7. Neelam

    wow…I can’t imagine how you have survived this long in this country!! Just do it…you will laugh at ur fears when you look back at this lost time in a few months…
    On the flip side, you will have to say goodbye to all the extra time you get to spend with your hubby because of this handicap…..oh, I miss those days!!!

  8. Nandini

    And I can tell you straight away that I was way more fearful than you are today.Driving school is a must but so is the “early morning driving to the park”.It is doable but you have to do it everyday-early morning or late in the evenings.Minus the husband is even better.I did it and i was the kinds who would shut her eyes even when I was not driving.So
    1) A DRIVING SCHOOL(2)With the driving school take a 3 session package but break it up into weeks so you can get enough time to practice between two lessons3)devote early mornings and late evening to practicing and weekends too .You will see that your confidence will grow with each day.

  9. Mona

    You know I was in the same boat 2 yrs back. Never learnt it until…my sons have grown from toddler to almost teens and i realised this is it. I was always lazy reading that driving rules book but then i felt that i had to do it. Once you are through with the written exam…the rest is easy. And do not worry spending a bit extra money for the lessons. Its always worth it. Whether u are going to drive or not,  it is a lot  better to Own that License. All the Best !!!

  10. Chandana

    For all those who care to know….I didnt have a single lesson yet but my motivation is still here. Its just a matter of time I think 🙂

  11. Sasi

    Hmmm….Your post is casting my situation.I understand we always want to outflank the driving. I do have a lots of hope along with affrights.Sometimes I think my spur should be impervious to my jitters..I even dream taking my son to school,library etc etc……but still it is a dream.But then we, the tyro, should be on our mettle to have a blast.

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