Out of the mouth of babes…An Interview With A Preschooler

Moms viewsFew days back, in a casual chat with my son, we had this very interesting conversation. An excerpt from the same

Q: So Shaamak are you excited for Earth Day?
Ans: Yes, I am. I’m super excited. I just can’t wait to be the newspaper in the skit in my school.

Q: That’s great. But I am keen to know why did you choose to be a Newspaper?
Ans: Ms. Michelle, asked each one of us to be a thing which is recyclable. So I chose to be a newspaper. I could be a can, or bottles, but I liked newspaper more.

Q: How do you think you can save the Earth?
Ans: I have planted lot of plants in pots. When these plants grow, we can plant them in the ground. We can have a greener planet.

Q: Anything else you can think of?
Ans: We can start by saving the sea animals. You know, lot of water animals like pink dolphins & blue whales are endangered. Big fish and sharks eat other small animals. And we need to save water as well.

Q: How can you save the animals?
Ans: Since the small fish are always getting killed, we can make big, big pools and put them in the big pools. Then they will be safe.

Q: But if you construct pools we’ll have to fill the pools with water. So then how can we save water?
Ans: I never said we have to fill the pools with water. We’ll wait for the rain. In Singapore, it rains almost every day, in a week’s time, the pool will be filled. Then we can bring the fishes from the sea and put them in the pools. Simple? Good idea?

Q: Wow Shaamak! That’s an awesome idea to save water and use rain water. What are the other ways you can think of saving water?
Ans:Instead of taking bath thrice, if I take bath only once, we can save a lot of water.

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  1. Thank you for this interview. what a good thinker!

  2. Gunjan

    I like the way you captured his thoughts. I like what he said about filling the pools with rain water.

  3. great thoughts! he is a good observer.

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