Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

ideas for easter egg huntWe went to a great easter egg hunt today at our friends house. I had done my first ever egg hunt last year, but I was a newbie as far as hunts went. All the kids in this one were of the same age, with just two babies. This all the kids got to have a large number of eggs. It was also not at all done in a competitive way.

Here are somethings that my friend did to make it special:

  • Announced the rules before the hunt to all the kids
  • Kept the easy area in the front yard for babies only. Larger eggs were scattered all over the grass that the babies could pick and add to their baskets.
  • Decorated a couple of trees in their front yard with re-used easter egg shells from last year. They looked so colorful and special, and added quite a festive air for the proceedings
  • Filled the eggs with little toys and trinkets like dinosaurs, or large rings or tattoos. So no need to control the candy.
  • Found very creative hiding places for the many eggs.
  • Served juice for the thirsty kids

I also learnt that you can use food coloring (package has directions) mixed with a tablespoon of vinegar and water to color hard boiled eggs which the easter bunny can then hide.

easter egg hunt decorationeaster egg hunt ideas

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