Easy breakfast for Kids

pancake                                        My son’s school starts at 7:45. That means he has to be out of the house by 7:30.  As I need to go to work too, I always get the following breakfast items for my son. NO turning ON the stove in the morning…Thats my policy…All the below ones needs to be heated in microwave.

1. Frozen Pancake. Get the Eggo type or publix brand..

2 Frozen waffles

3. Oatmeal bar to go.My son loves the brown sugar and cinnamom flavor. There are lot of flavors. You dont need to even use the microwave for this.This is my highest rated one.

 4.Frozen french toast..

Ofcourse..everybodys choice..CEREALS!!!!!

What are your choices? I will be happy to add them to my list……


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  1. Lisa

    I cant fully agree to the choices. Frozen foods are pre-processed foods and are not healthy for kids.. How about cereals or oats for breakfast?

  2. Lisa

    I disagree with the choices for breakfast. All the frozen foods are pre-processed foods are not in way better than junk foods from McDonalds. Why not give ur kids cereals or oats for breakfast?

  3. Khushi Mommy

    I am a smoothie person myself on warm days – throw some frozed fruit, yogurt, wheat germ and honey in the blender and you are good to go. It tastes yummy and is very healthy. Of course, cereals work just as well.

  4. lydia

    Lisa- I agree that the frozen foods are preprocced foods but I do think they are way better than junk food from Mcdonalds..I do give him oats and cereals but its some days when he gets bored with the regular stuff that I go with the frozen ones.

  5. winfried

    Cereal specially “Organic” It is real good and taste great. We also buy organic milk and lots of soy products. Maybe you can do soy sausages and ur children wont even now the difference.

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