Eating Disorders

I like to raise  a topic of two dangerous Eating Syndromes occur with some frequency among college goers.

 1.   Bulimia:This disease involves eating very large quantities of food, binging and subsiquent purging is also called Bulimia. Some  people frequently goes on eating binges that may include a jar of ice cream, with lot of chocolate syrup poured on it, a package of cookies, dozen donuts, box of chocolate cream candies. That person knows that she is consuming an astronomical number of calories and is terrified of becoming fat, therefore makes herself vomit after each binge. She also takes laxative and diuretics to further purge her body.

It is estimated that more than 90%  of bulimics are women, persons become bulimic  because of off feeling of depression, loneliness, boredom and anxiety. The binging, however , is followed  by guilt and self-condemnation, together with a fear of becoming fat. This leads the person to vomit and other compensatory behaviors like laxatives, diet pills, fasting ,or bouts of excessive exercise.

Treatment for this syndrome is a long process that calls for clinical intervention as well as family support.

2.    Anorexia Nervosa: This is a syndrome where  a person refuses to eat  because of constant nervous tension and fear. The anorectic fears gaining weight and goes to dangerous lengths to become thinner. Even though the person may become very thin and unhealthy, she still sees herself as being heavy. Anorectics often binge -purge and take laxatives to keep food cleared out of their systems. They may also take a lot of diet pills. Both diet pills and laxatives cause the body to build up a tolerance and anorectics are forced to take more and more of them to get any effect.

The symptoms of Bulimia also occur in Anorectics, but in anorectics the electrolyte imbalance is even worse because of the habitual taking of laxatives. Severe electrolyte imbalances may cause muscle spasms, kidney problems or cardiac arrest .Other symptoms include dryness of the skin, falling hair, constipation from insufficient fluid and food , from dulled intestinal nerves, abdominal pain, and the stopping of menstruation.

Early detection and treatment are important for this disease, otherwise illness can be deadly and leaves its scars on the victim and her family.

If anyone comes across a person and care for  someone , who is obsessed with being thin, who secretly binges large amount of calories, who purchases large quantities of laxatives or diet pills, one should consider that person the possibility of Bulimia -Anorexia and suggest help.


The  most comprehensive and useful prescription :


  •                                   Have your body composition assessed if possible.
  •                                 Become aware of your calorie intake and output.
  •                                If you recognize the symptoms of anorexia or bulimia in persons you know, help them find a counseling source.
  •                             Find out from your parents what your feeding patterns was as a child. How did thety determine  when you were  hungry? What patterns from childhood must you change to help maintain normal weight?
  •                        If you are often tempted to eat when not hungry, try to determine what need is asking to be fulfilled, and then try to meet that need in the appropriate manner  rather than with food…

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi. I do everything you mention under bulimia, and mainly when I am streesed or depressed – but I dont make myself throw up. Is that also bulimia?

  2. sarmila.basu

    yes, that is also a symptom of Bulimia,, you can talk with any of your known health expert,, if you need some suggestions from me, you can contact me,, i will be glad to help you out..thanks

  3. Khushi

    I like the prescription you have given. I am going through a mild form of binge eating when i am very tired or strssed. I have to figure out what activity will help divert my attention.

  4. sarmila.basu

    hmm, you can get some idea what is causing you certain problems.

  5. Khushi

    Mainly tiredness from feeding my baby and handling my toddler. I need to spend more time maybe on the site or doing other things I like.

  6. Asha A

    Khushi, maybe Sarmila can suggest some stress relieing foods! You are very knoeledgeabe Sarmila. Your posts are very useful

  7. meg

    im a 24 yr old female and since i was 15 i have been either puking or starving. i’ve done so much damage to my body its not even close to funny. i have gone down a long hard road of self destuction. i have a 3yr old daughter and shes always attached to my hip. ya well my 3 yr old starting sticking her fingers down her throat and thats just not cool…not to mention she gets on the phone with her grandmother and will tell her “mommy didnt eat again today”…i have stuggled with this for 9yrs and it is a constant battle with myself…sometimes i win sometimes i lose but im starting to see what it is doing to my daughter and lord knows i dont want that so im trying more and more….but anyways the point of this is becasue i am now realizing 9 yrs later the effect that this thing has had on my family and friends and now my daughter..

  8. sarmila.basu

    if you need any help, you can ask me anytime

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