Entertaining a three month old

Anyone ever faced this problem? I just visited a friend – a SAHM with a three month old who doesnt nap much. My heart goes out to her. I remembered that I struggled with what to do with my babies when they were awake and happy. Of course its easier with the second one, as they can watch the first one! But I thought I will write down some ideas I have and others please add to it! This time is hard as you dont really want to take them out so much, and there is not much they can do.

  • Baby yoga (I am linking a post from the site)
  • Baby massage – I enjoyed massaging my babies with olive oil while singing them songs such as Ring around the roses, or the toe bone connected to the foot bone etc. For the toes, I would also do ‘this little piggy went to the market, and so on, filling in places we visit together
  • Tummy time with chewing toys
  • Tummy time with new colorful blankets – every time I had a new colorful one for tummy time, it would occupy then for a while.
  • Watch mommy clean the house – I would take the babies from room to room and they loved seeing me with the broom or the vacuum
  • Swing – i think this is a great buy
  • Kick the ball – I would put a soft ball for the babes to kick which they liked
  • Mirrors – put low hanging wall mirror or special baby mirrors for baby entertainment

Tools I found most useful – baby car seat, swing and one I didnt have – Baby carriers which leave your hands free. A tip – buy the expensive ones which give you lumbar support or youll never use it.

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  1. Anonymous

    I found baby carriers very useful too. I did not use them for the first one, but they were a must for the second

  2. Belinda

    I remember that time as very touch as I could not leave my kids. I also suggest colorful paints or pictures on the ceiling and a good mobile.

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