Entertaining a seven to nine month old baby

 I like to write about entertaining your kids, because if you are home a lot, without much family near by or even household help, as is the case for so many of us, we often draw blanks on ‘how do I spend the next 12 hrs with my baby’ and maybe reading some ideas will only stimulate more.

I wrote sometime back about entertaining a three month old baby. And let me tell you, when they begin to crawl, and crawl into the most unexpected of places, plus crying their little hearts out when you leave the room for 3s, life for the caregiver or stay at home mom can be harder. To top it naps are becoming shorter too. In fact no research shows…but I have a feeling.. that this is the age when many a mom who had sworn of TV for their kids, resort to the baby videos to get a break. Baby videos and activity centers aside, here are some other things you can do with your seven month old – this is a list compiled from my own experience and that of some friends. Please send me yours as well.

Outside the house:

·         Discover your local park. This age is ideal for the park swings and the wee slides (make sure you choose an age appropriate one). if your baby is an early riser and you feel up to it, mornings would be a good time when the park is not crowded with older children and its cooler in summer. Parks are also places where moms hang out, so you and your baby may strike up friendships. Parks also tire the little ones with activities and fresh air, so a nap is that much easier.

·         Window Shopping : If your child still likes the stroller, you may like short trips down the street or to the mall. I think its a great way to point out new things (and words, since they are learning to speak).I know! Stroller walks are not as much fun, and shopping is tough, but if you make a discipline of getting out of the house, it becomes fun

·         Visit a farmers market – same as above – but colorful veggies and fruits to point out, and maybe some tasty treats to sample for mom.

Inside the house:

·         If you don’t have an activity center, I would recommend one. These may not and should not probably confine a child for long – but for short breaks like when the pot is boiling over or you have to rush to the bathrooms they are great.

·         Music Madness : I have seen friends stock up on music CDs – going with our multicultural activities theme – I would say, go with CDs in many languages. These need not just be kid songs. Part of staying sane is not listening to Bingo was his Name O three hundred times. Plus, the more you introduce your child to your music, the smoother the day is for you. Get a few baby friendly music instruments – Xylophones, baby keyboard, shaking eggs and so on. Do some fun activities with her a few times, and hopefully she will start doing some and enjoying the songs.

·          Songs are also great ways to get even babies to start doing some activity without much protest (you can always hope!). Like the brush teeth song or the lets go for nap lullaby.

·         Playstation 3.0 : I would suggest setting up three or more ‘play stations’ and different parts of the house. What I have seen work best is keeping different toys in each of these – say blocks in one, activity mat and trucks in another and so on – and keeping toys at different levels for the Pulling Up maestros. This helps the babies circulate and gives you more free time to check email and do your other work.

·         Play food : Now this is very difficult to get for babies this age, but for those who have, I have seen these chew and cook toys are very popular.

·         Open up your kitchen : Now don’t be alarmed! I think kids this age think the kitchen to be a wonderland. So if you lock all the doors that have chemicals or dangerous stuff, and keep just a few cabinets with old pots and pans and spoons which they can open and play with, they enjoy doing it giving you free time. But please, baby proof the rest!!

·         High chair toys and chewy books make for good entertainment when nothing else is working in terms of confinement


Do let me know your ideas!!




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  1. Ano

    Good post. I think the farmers market and play food helps them recognize new foods as they eat.

  2. Pry

    Both my kids loved the kitchen..esp my son. He would spent a whole day in kitchen playing with different kind of vessels,utensils…

  3. winfried

    i used to joggle with three balls and became a good joggler. My daughter would stare at the balls and always had a good time!!

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