How to use our site

To write comments:
1. Click on the gray button at the end of each posts that lists the number of comments from the post. You can do this from the home page or the detail page for the post.
2. Fill in the box below ‘Response to this topic’.
3. Click ‘Post my comment’.

To register
1. Click on ‘Register’ on the ‘User Options’ gray bubble (second from the top)
2. Type in a user name of choice (Can have spaces) and your email in the space provided and click ‘Register’. Please remember to read our community guidelines before you sign up!
3. A password will be emailed to you.
Note: We do not sell your personal information to anyone. For more on our privacy policy, please see our community policies.

To blog
1. Using the username you set up and password provided, log in. You will find the login button in the third gray bubble on the left of your screen under ‘user options’
2. This will take you to your Bloggermom’s dashboard. Click on write a post to get started.
3. You can provide a title in the section provided. Mouse over the formatting icons to see your formatting options. You can use the upload section below to upload documents or pictures.
4. You can save the post while you are writing, and continue editing or retrieve your drafts when needed.
5. On the right of the screen you will find a list of categories where your blog can be displayed. We invite you to choose as many as you like. Please don’t forget to click on the ‘Regions’ you feel your post is relevant to! Check on the categories to select.
6. Once you finish your post, click ‘publish’. You can now view you post by clicking ‘view site’.

Please note that bloggermoms uses WordPress as a blogging platform. Click on the wordpress link on your main dashboard for more help or contact us.