Exercise videos for Abs

ok..My friend’s wedding is coming up and I have to get in a nice dress.After havin 2 kids I would say I am not in my best shape.My company provides free membership to a gym but I dont like going there alone..The reason being I dont know how to operate most of the machines.(I may look like a fool) I have been asking some of my coworkers to go with me during lunch time..Going to gym after work is not possible as I have to pick up my kids..So far no volunteers .I do have a treadmill at home but I dont like it .I am looking to buy some abs excercise videos from Amazon.Anybody has any good recommendations ?


  1. Mommy in America

    Hey, I have a few ideas that worked for me. I dont know if they fit your schedule. Try the YMCA, if there is one nearby, they have wonderful group classes included in the membership. Yoga or Zumba are both easy and slimming. I hav heard that walking is very good, so maybe walking on the weekends near the house?

  2. donna

    Thanks..I will check that out.We dont have a YMCA nearby but we have a school that teaches yoga. Thanks again

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