Exercising – Its the thought that counts

Sunday: 11 pm: Mom sees a pre-mom picture of herself and decides her stretched tummy muscles demand regular exercise. Sets alarm for 5: 00 am

Monday: 5:00 am: Alarm rings, mom awakens, almost feeling her stomach muscles shrink as she rolls over to switch off the alarm. Baby pretends to wake up by scrunching his little face into the most annoyed expressions and kicking both legs several times. Mom nurses baby lying down (its still morning, and she is going to be working out soon).

5: 20 am: Mom falls asleep nursing baby

7:30 am: Baby pats mom awake with little hands.

11: 20 am: Mom decides to start dieting and exercising from tomorrow and celebrates the resolve with 4 all natural, wholly wholesome organic oreos.

Tuesday: Alarm does not ring. Preschooler has been ‘experimenting’ with clock radio and has switched off the volume.

Wednesday: 5:30 am (Alarm has been delayed 30 mins to be more realistic): Mom and baby awaken to loud hallelujah singing from clock radio. The volume is working but aformentioned preschooler has changed the channel. Baby needs nursing to recover. Mom sets alarm for 6:30 in an effort to outsmart nursing induced mommy sleep.

6:30 am: Mommy through a series of micro movements and body twisting fools baby into cuddling up to a pillow. Mom makes it to treadmill but finds exercise shoes have their soles coming off.

Undettered, mom uses 1998 Bata Fitness shoes and walks for 10 minutes.

Thursday: Forgets to set alarm at night

Friday: Fails to fool baby with pillow. Baby watches mom get ready for workout with sleepy eyes and babbles loudly outside his brothers door to wake up brother. Mom takes baby and brother and herself outside for a walk. Brother admires each variety of grass on neighbour’s lawns and picks up various sticks reducing moms workout speed to .5 miles an hour.

Saturday: Its Saturday.

Sunday: Its Sunday.

Sunday night: I resolve to exercise more next week.

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  1. anonymous


  2. Tana

    Hilarious and poignant all at once. Do write about week #2.

  3. Yasmin

    You are my hero! Getting up so early in the morning is very difficult for me…and that too to exercise?!
    I prefer eating less…(see how lazy I am!) I really need to change my attitude.

  4. Indrani

    Simply hilarious. I could see myself in you.

  5. ketakimd

    Too funny 🙂 Khushi, u r really living your name, spreading khushi everywhere with such funny blogs!

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