Saumya: Can you wash this yogurt container?

Mamma: Yes, sure!

Saumya: Now can I play with it?

Mamma: Yes, you can.

Saumya: Why can I play with this?



Saumya: Why do we need to sleep now?

Mamma: See, how dark it is outside?

Saumya: Why is it dark?

Mamma: It’s night time.

Saumya: Why is it night time?

Mamma: So we can sleep?

Saumya: Why do we sleep?

Mamma: So our bodies can relax and get refreshed for another day!

Saumya: Why do we have another day?

Mamma: So we can have all the fun again.

Saumya: Why should we have the fun again?

Mamma: You don’t want to have fun?

Saumya: I do!!

Mamma: Then sleep!

Saumya: okay!


Mamma: Let’s go out for a walk.

Saumya: No.

Mamma: Oh, how come?

Saumya: OK, I will go for a walk only if you take me to the end of America.

Mamma: End of what?

Saumya: America, you know my country! I want to see where it ends.

Mamma: …..Ummmmm, well….

Saumya: Do you know where it is?

Mamma: I have no idea!

Saumya: Well then let’s not go for a walk!


Saumya: Mamma who is your mamma?

Mamma: Your Nani ma!

Saumya: When you were a little girl then also she was your mamma?

Mamma: Yes.

Saumya: Are you going to be my mamma even I become big like you?

Mamma: Of course! And daddy will always be your daddy and you will always be our daughter.

Saumya: That’s funny!

Mamma: What’s funny about it?

Saumya: The funny thing about what you said is How can something be always?

Mamma: speechless and weak in the knees and thinking- has she figured out the big reality already?

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  1. Tana

    Wonderful post – simple, elegant and clear just like a child’s thinking!

  2. sands

    Thanks Tana and Pry!

  3. Asha A

    Very good post! Great job, Sands

  4. sands

    Thank you Asha!This is our everyday life :-)and really I do have to ask google for many questions!

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