Fathers day gift ideas

Hey its that time of the year again, to think up a good fathers day plan and a good gift.  Here are some I thought of –


  • Golf day or golf class gift cards – local golf courses sometimes offer classes with Proffesionals as a series
  • A nice pair of shoes, maybe Timberland
  • A classy leather portfolio for business cards
  • A shaving mirror with a no fog glass, available at Sharper image
  • New tools
  • Kindle, if he is a reader and a techie

Fathers day activities:

  • A day with the kid – such as going to a museum, or a picnic or a barbeque
  • A day away from the kids, doing whatever he wants (golf?)
  • Family fishing expedition

Havent decided yet! Let me know what you are thinking as well.

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  1. smitha

    Good ideas..Dora..

  2. winfried

    Very easy, talking as a Dad. these are the items i would like to receive:

    1.- Iphone 3G

    2.- Imac 24″

    3.- iphone, iphone, iphone , iphone, iphone, iphone, please tell my wife..!! :0)

  3. Pry

    Win– Dont you already have a iphone?

  4. winfried

    this one is 3g which is way faster, 32 gig space, perfect for the programs that are going to be available on june 9, making the iphone not just a cell phone, but a computing device.

    I can also rent movies at the itunes and transfer them to the iphone, there is a rumor is gonna be gps ready and ichat ready. It is thinner than the previous one but has better power management so it last longer between charge ups.

    Pry, once u try the iphone, u dont want to go back to those cluncky cellphones specially the crackberrys.

  5. winfried

    ohhhh I almost forgot, if you guys want to kill two birds with the same stone.. Apple has a promotion going all the way to September called “Back to school” where u buy a Mac and get an ipod touch (8gig) for free, ipod value: $299.00

    So u guys get a new computer for the family and an ipod touch for daddy. The ipod touch is like the iphone but without the cell phone part..!!

    See…? Everybody happy!! :0)

  6. Anonymous

    or a simple day where he is not told to do anything 🙂 ,no museums, no trips, no driving, nada work. He can as lazy he wants to and a take a day off and truly relax!

  7. Dora

    Winfried, cool idea, I really like it. Anonymous, good one

  8. Khushi

    I think electronics are a good idea – so I like winfrieds suggestion. How about Kindle, like Dora mentioned? Winfried you have any opinions on that?

  9. winfried

    Yeah, the Kindle is selling well, but what I have found in other blogs, is that people that like to read, they like it the old way, with books, and some are not willing to trade that with a kindle.

    I think the Kindle will be more popular with kids, that are more open minded to technology, than with adults.

    Now, on the ipod/iphone you can download audio books, that u can listen to, while u are stuck in trafficfor example, just plug it into ur car’s stereo and the commute wont be as boring!

  10. Khushi

    Thanks, Winfried. That was a good analysis. I think it will be a iday for us 🙂

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