Fathers Day Gifts from Baby

Fathers day gifts from baby can be a challenge especially given that baby is so cute and mom has to find a gift to live up to him or her.  So here are some ideas:

  • A beautifully framed hand or foot print painting using bright finger paint colors like red, green, yellow with a suitably cute caption that baby would approve such as ‘I love you Dad’ or ‘My Daddy Strongest’
  • A collection of photos from Dad’s first year with baby in one of those multiple photo frame, or arranged in an artistic collage
  • Baby Strokes painting by letting baby hold a brush with paints chosen by mom or crayons chosen by baby. Take care so that nothing toxic gets eaten or strewn on the carpet.
  • A gift of something dad has been missing ever since baby came such as an uninterrupted afternoon of video games or golf
  • A letter from baby illustrated with pictures that dad can put up in his office

Happy Fathers Day!

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