Feeding Tips For The TODDLERS

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Toddlers, are no longer babies, but not quiet big kids, their needs in all aspects are changing. They are becoming  increasingly independent and learning new things every day, mastering new skills and trying new foods.

     When it comes to making sound dietary choices for your toddler, it is important to remember that you are establishing life long eating habits. Teaching your toddler to eat a healthy diet will help to ensure a healthy future .

 Somethings to remember in mind are—

1. No More Baby Foods– Toddlers can eat pretty much what the rest of the family eats.

2.Good First Choices—Whole Milk should be given , no Low Fat or No Fat  milk

3.Variety  Is The Key–Much like in healthy adult diet, toddlers should be introduced  to an assortment of fruits, vegetables, grains, lean proteins. Then they can learn to enjoy a WELL BALANCED DIET . Dairy products like yogurt and cheese are helpful for them.

4.Snacking Is Okay– Check with your child’s Paediatrician for portion recommendations of snacks like fruits, vegetables with  yogurt dip, peanut butter on whole grain crackers, cheese and toasted raisin bread.

5.Off Limits—Some foods such as crisps, chips, sweets and processed baked goods should not be given to the toddlers.

         One impotant point should be remembered in mind that children can be victims of malnutrition if they suffer from poor appetite for long duration of time or accept fewer amounts of foods or dilute their diets.

A Quick Reference   Chart~~~

Grains:6 servings

Bread..1/2 slice to 1 slice

Cooked cereal, rice& pasta..1/2 cup

Dry Cereal..1 cup

Bagels and Buns..1/2

Dairy:4 servings

Milk.. 1/2 cup

Cheese..1 oz

Yogurt..1/2  cup

Cottage Cheese..6 tbsp

Protein: 2 servings

Fish, Meat..2 oz

Cooked Lentil or Beans.. 1 cup


Vegetables : 3-4 servings

it includes green leafy as well as  fresh vegs

Fruits: 2-3 servings

Fresh Fruit..chopped.. 4-5 Tbsp

Fruit Juice..1/2 cup

others like canned or in yogurt.. 1/2 cup


Set a good example yourself, your child will follow you

Offer  3 regular meals and 2 to 3 planned snacks everyday

Make mealtime FUN and CREATIVE


Trust your child’s appetite, if he is growing normally, has energy and is healthy……

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  1. Khushi

    Thank you, this is very useful. I always wondered how much to givw my son. I also liked your five basic rules point.

  2. Asha A

    I have heard you should give low fat milk, but in India they say whole milk. Why is whole milk better do you think? Here they say low fat to prevent ovesity but thats not an issue with my daughters. And welcome, Sarmila! to this site.

  3. sarmila.basu

    hello Asha, thanks for your queries, whole milk should be given to the toddlers as well as big kids till age 10 atleast.. once a baby is weaned from mother’s milk they need immediately the whole milk, if they have the lactose intolerance, they can only take the subsitute.. but other than that we prescribe the whole milk which is equal to cow’s milk.. the 2 main things milk lack is Iron and Vitamin C.. that’s why a toddler should need not only milk, they need to intake other foods.. you should introduce to new foods slowly.. if there is any allergy , you have to stop that food, try once again after couple of days, then if you see some problems, stop that food..
    if you have any qs, feel free to ask me..

  4. malini

    thank you…it will be useful for my 4 year old kid……..

  5. Anonymous

    Welcome, Sarmila. This is a very useful post.

  6. Pry

    Welcome to the site!!

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