Festive Daisy

Festive Daisy


Hi gals,

Great morning to you all. I just dropped Elvis to his school and I am a little upbeat. Why you ask?….cause the morning was uneventful for once. Elvis and Presley cooperated with me in the little tiny window we have each morning to get dressed and Elvis almost ate half a banana (his breakfast) while watching Word Girl. AND I will have the TV all to myself this morning to watch the Today show in peace. I suspect the candy I bought will be enough to bribe Presley to let me watch The Today show instead of Curious George.

 And I am also upbeat cause there is a little chill in the air. Now…don’t get me wrong. I dislike winters. It reminds me of my hostel days in Simla in India as a little girl and I miss my parents even more in the winters even though I am a grown woman. (and who said you couldn’t miss your parents after a certain age and cry while looking at their pictures) Well…..Elvis, my 4 yr old did once when he saw me sad.

 I just love the months from October to December cause of the festival season and all that shopping/browsing in my near future and the Star bucks Pumpkin spice latte.

I love these months cause it reminds me of Delhi,India and the festive look the city had in these months. The frantic shopping for the right Diwali gift to be given to relatives and friends and you know how the Punjabi’s are….a little louder, a little bigger a tad bit more aggressive and I found myself being all that in these months. A lot more louder esp while ordering sweets at the shop (you just gotta be heard or the sweets are gone before you know it), a little more bigger around the waist and more aggressive while jostling with people in crowded market places buying those shinier than the shiniest gifts.

Do I miss the assorted mithai (sweets)…oh yes….the loud relatives….absolutely….the crowded markets where you had to shove people out of the way to get what you want….hell yea. Would I trade the life I have now with what I left behind?……..You know what gals…..I dont know and I’m glad some decisions are left to a higher power. But who says you can’t miss that life. So go ahead….go back a few decades and look at those pictures,relive those lovely memories,cry a few tears and look forward to many more amazing memories yet to be made.

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  1. Khushi

    Hey this is a beautiful piece of writing, and made me nostlagic. We need to go have pumpkin spice latte together – I ordered it last weekend when I saw it was here again.

  2. Rashi

    You put me in that mood too

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