Festive Times – a kiddy winter party

Hi. So its holiday shopping week, at least for discount hunters like myself. And holiday party invitations are being sent out (to be honest, we only have the office ones!).

Why not have a winter party for kids? Before you groan thinking of the last kids party you planned (probably the once in a year birthday party, which is fun just once a year), this is something which can be very simple and a memory or tradition for the kids and maybe one or two friends. Not ten or twenty at all!

The party can be called a Holiday party, christmas party, ahemm…..multicultural winter celebration – i like winter party for kids myself. Depending on the age of the kids and where you live, and the weather, you can probably think of a ton of options.

Just call the kids and set up activities like cookie decoration, winter artwork (see below), caroling, marshmallow roasting.

Invites : I would say, keep the invites simple – phone and email the parents or have your kids get the RSVP if they are bigger. If you are feeling ambitious, recycle last years holiday cards by cutting out images and pasting them onto cardstock. Just write around the images with silver glitter or white paint for a wintery feel. Or take plane cardstock and put out of best rendition of a snowfall behind the words. I am sure you are more artistic than me!

Menu: If you choose say 10 to noon or late afternoon, you may be able to do without serving meals. Hot chocolate, maybe with marshmallows, or apple cider, with cookies or brownies will win kiddy approval. You can also put out some winter fruits like oranges and apples.

Decor : If your house is decked for the holidays, that should work. Else you can think of maybe putting out some winter themed artefacts like pine cones or holly or kids winter artwork from school. Or you can go all out as my friend did last time with snowflake streamers and snowman balloons! And if weather permits, dont forget your fireplace.

My friend from Russia mentioned that its the smell that makes it feel like holidays – and he mentioned citrus scent. So you could cut up some oranges or burn candles of your choice or put out holiday pot pourri.

And play some winter music or christmas carols.

Activities: Please add to the list, and I will too as I plan more!  Choose one or two of:

  • Cookie decoration
  • Build a snowman – if you have snow, they can do it outside while you provide the accessories. Make accessory stations for the kids to pick from. Set aside some fruits you dont need like bananas for the smile, and oranges or carrots for the nose. Or dig through your old clothes for large beaded necklaces, mufflers, caps even ragged jackets. Collect old buttons. Put aside some twigs, pinecones etc for another twist on the snowman.
  • Build a snowman – artwork : Sticky sticky snowmen from cottonballs can be a lot of fun. Keen buttons, scraps or colorful paper or wrapping paper, old clothes or whatever you have on hand for skicking on the snowmen.
  • Santa craft : Draw a chubby face and have the kids stick the hat, a cotton beard and so on. You can also print a sketch from the internet and have the kids color and stick
  • Winter books
  • Winter tradtions from around the world – I am researching this and will make apost. Have the kids research if they are bigger and play a fun game around it.

Just a simple party will go a long way I think…


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  1. Anonymous

    Good ideas. Thanks

  2. Asha A

    I like the concept. Maybe some warm store bought or home made brownies in the oven will help set the theme. And maybe some discussions on Spanish Traditions around Christmas or of some other country

  3. Anonymous

    Japan and other countries have ice sculptures this time of the year. Why not tell kids to freeze their own and bring it on a cooler? Or better still, have the kids choose containers, add color to water and freeze it right there in the party. They can see it later or next day.

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