Fighting Guilt

Guilt, guilt and guilt! I have even come to the conclusion that guilt is the part of motherhood. Ever since I got pregnant with my first daughter I have experienced this one emotion very strongly. During my first pregnancy I would feel guilty in the fear of harming my baby; if I stay up late, if I eat something unhealthy, if I watch violent movie or read something inappropriate & so on.. Once the baby was born I felt guilty for taking restroom breaks or taking shower for that matter or even taking long lunch; just because for that amount of time I was not spending “quality time” with my baby! Then came the biggest guilt monster- getting back to work! To the date when my first one is 2.5 years old and second baby is 4 months old, I haven’t been able to fight back this monster. Every day I struggle with this guilt that just because I returned back to work “xxx” is happening. When I conceived for the second time, it was the prelude of the upcoming saga. I didn’t only give birth to an adorable baby boy but also to new guilt in my mind of being unfair to either of my children. Is there anyone going through the similar phase? What are your fun ways to deal with such strong emotions?
I am handling it by laughing at myself. Looking backwards I feel it very funny that once I felt guilty that I had to stop the nursing which was going for at least half an hour in order to take restroom break! So I always remind myself see that incidence feels so funny now and surely in future the current guilt situation may sound funny even to me. So just forget it and laugh it out. Nothing is permanent and kids are way too smarter than we think to figure out their ways to deal with life without our constant hovering. Won’t you agree?

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  1. Khushi

    Oh you dont know how much I agree! I am helicopter mom sometimes, and then I pull back and think like you say.

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