First day of back to office

Yesterday was the first day of the year that my husband went to work. For the first time in many years, it was not my first day back at work. And there is no first day in sight this year as I intent to stay home. It felt strange. No feeling in the pit of my stomach that the holiday is getting over. No tension that I will have to get up earlier than usual and rush. And I realized, that this is probably the only time I am going to feel this way – once the babe is in school, there will be an end the holidays and his first day back.

The babe has been playing with his dad a lot. He has been happy to see his dad at home. Our schedule has gone topsy turvy, with the babe sometimes sleeping at 10 and getting up at 9. But yesterday, as my husband left, I sat down to play with the babe. We read lots of books – his choice, my choice,books I have missed a little. Then we played ball. I am not good at catching, and he isnt yet, so it was more throw and chase than catch.

Then the babe helped me load laundry. I throw in most of it, and he helps with some. Then he stands on top of our dryer (with me holding him) and squeezes out the detergent from the Tide container we have (it has a faucet on the side). Then he dumps it, a big grin on his face, swirling the sticky detergent all over. Then I said, OK, lets start it. And he said, my little baby, ‘Mommy lets put the color catcher’. I was so impressed. So we did that – he loves pulling out the sheet. They stick together, so its a challenge for him that he likes. Then we start the machine. I told him – Move the dial to warm. He kept asking ‘Which one which one’. Till I realized that he cant read warm! I explained the colors to him – red for hot, blue for cold, just like ur taps, and yellow for warm. Then we started it. And opened the lid. And peeped in to see the water rush out and bubles form.

For lunch we had cold cuts and cheese and burger buns and celery and salad. He loves all of this, my babe. But today – no buns. Just the others. Fine by me.  And then nap, which was difficult as he has not been napping for a while over the holidays.

And so on. A lazy, relaxed day. How was yours?

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