First Summer Camp

Day 1


I never had summer camp while growing up. Summers would mean staying at home and doing holiday homework. And of course, NOT doing holiday homework and visiting cousins and maybe a trip to Darjeeling or Puri. But true to American influences, I signed up my three year old for his first ever summer camp. Though he went to daycare till he was two, its been a while since he has been away from me in a class format. Plus these are new teachers. So I am hanging out on a sofa outside his camp and wondering what he is up to.


The class has filled up much more than I thought it would. There are actually about eight or nine kids – some close to five and maybe one other three year old. My little boy who just turned three is the youngest! I saw him walk up and choose a seat of his own, perfectly relaxed but I think he is a bit nervous. Bigger kids make him that way sometimes. And this is a new group. But I have got to stop worrying and assume he will be fine! At least no crying so far or asking for mommy yet. What worries me is the asking to go to the bathroom part. He is potty trained for a year now, but again, don’t know how he will do in such a situation.


Post snack update:

I was the only mom hanging out around snack time to check on him. He is managing really well. Had a lot of fun taking his own snack out, finishing it, having his food. I took him to the bathroom myself


First Day Update: He did great and had a lot of fun. Keeps talking about it. The teacher told me… the kids grow up inspite of ourselves!


Day 2

Liberation! I dont need to hang outside the room anymore. Will still go in to check for snack. I think he loves the playground part the most, and the painting.


Snack time – He had already finished his snack – crackers and grapes. And gone to the bathroom with the teacher. He is growing up. Was very proud of it too!


As for me, I headed to the library and the post office. Its suddenly so funny to have this time to myself. I should have planned it  –  but then I was expecting to be sitting outside camp all day. I miss him a little since these are all places we used to go together. I really should have planned my time!


More tomorrow.

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  1. Pry

    How long is this summer camp? Is it weekly?

  2. Smitha

    Kids grow up fast..Next year my baby girl is going to go to pre-k…I still think her as a baby!!!

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