First swimming class

I took my 3 year old son to his first swimming class today.Its a group class of 6 kids for 7 weeks. The rate is  decent. Its all first timers. Luckily, he didnt cry.The teacher is very nice. She asked him to blow bubbles in water. Also, to put the face in water.Some kids were not at all comfy in water. They were crying and running back to the parents that was cute to see. By the end of the 7 week class , they should get comfortable to put the face in water and blow bubbles.

Some of my friends had adviced me to wait till they are 5 years  to take them to swimming. The reason being they will have more co-ordination and will listen to the teacher. Others had told me to start early like when they are 3 years old.. What do you bloggermoms think? Do you think I should have waited?or did I take the right decision? What age did you take your kids to swimming? or when did you learn to swim?

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  1. Administrator

    I think its best to start young. I saw some kids at the Y last year who were 1 year old, and doing great as they were not afraid of water.

  2. winfried

    You did good! My father took me swimming early too, once you dont fear the water you’ll be surprise how fast he’ll learn.

    Good Job!!

  3. Priya

    I took my son when he was 4 year old. He got very comfortable by the end of his class. He leaned swimming when he was 6. I think starting early is better.

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