Five more tips for the picky-eater’s mum

From emails and comments, here are some more tips:

  1. Dont force a child, ever. This may set back the child for weks or months. Forcing can take many forms, and not neccessarily pushing the food down their throats. It can mean showing disappointment. Imagine your great aunt, whose sweet potato casserole you had learnt to dread over countless family dinners standing next to you with her considerable presence trying to force every morsel down your throat. Thats what it may feel like to your child if you hover too close or sit around with a spoon aiming for his lips if they dare to open. Only, you are bigger in size and more dominating to look at
  2. Try grazing – offering a plate of toddler sized helpings on a designated table – that the child knows where to find
  3. Portion control – serve tiny helpings, even for favorites. Getting them to ask for more gives them more confidence, says one mom, and sets a good precedent for everything
  4. Try toddler food fests – sometimes seeing other kids eat well works (though this didnt work for me)
  5. Dont give up on favorites that are suddenly being rejected . Give it a break and offer it in a few days.

I had written one more post on the topic here. Please send me your ideas/corrections/suggestions. Keep sane and trying 🙂

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    Hey Ann, nic epost. Thanks for writing this.

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