Five reasons why the gloomy economy is good time to be on H4

I know what you are thinking – she was in hibernation all these months and has gone nuts. With all the tension around H1b hiring and job losses, how can she even say this… But if you are looking for jobs on an H4 visa But in a bad situation like we are, I do believe that the economy in its current state can be a boon for H4 visa holders.

Here’s why:

  • Jobs are so scarce any way that you can safely relax in your visa enforced unemployment. A couple of years of blanks in your resume will not look so bad. You can even take this time to bolster your credentials or build your network while on the H4 visa.
  • The stimulus and the churn in the market is opening up new fields and showing the way for the top fields for the future. Take your time to study the market, take appropriate courses or volunteer opportunities or just learn more. What will open up may be stronger and better in the long run. Think this way – with so many layoffs, maybe getting into a dead field for a year and getting laid off may not have been such a good idea
  • Volunteer based organizations are suffering as many traditional volunteers are going back to work in some form and donations are going down. You may want to check out some of these opportunities if volunteering on the H4 visa is your cup of tea.
  • You should feel happy to be at home. At least you are not in the tension and politics and low morale that is pervasive in many offices now. I know this may not seem like much, but trust me, if there were ever a time to be enforced at home, this one at least is keeping away some grey hairs and wrinkles.
  • Last, and probably the best – with a recession en force here, India with its 7% growth does not seem so bad, does it?

I know many of you may disagree. Please voice your thoughts.

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  1. Indrani

    Good to see your post after so long.

  2. Geetha

    I have been on “H-4” for over a year now and donno when I would be able to come out of this hibernation!I am not applying for h1 this time as my husband thinks its not right idea…well wht else can i say!am as doomed or frustrated as anyone of you is!

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