Five surprising things I missed about US in India

  • I missed being able to drive fast, and have the cars moving. I know! I live in Atlanta, but still, this was an issue. Delhi just has too many cars now, and the roads, though improving have not caught up
  • I actually thought it ‘s better not to have so much domestic help! I am only half kidding. This was most surprising to me, but most of my relatives have a couple of people helping them with the house and maybe one with the kids. What happens then is that they get completely dependant and obsess with ‘My maid is taking a day off’ or ‘She did not clean well today’ etc. Of course there are a few lucky ones with better housekeepers than most but those are few.
  • Space. Delhi and Calcutta are crowded. Maybe this one is not so much about the US as about suburban america, as NY is probably as crowded if not more
  • Toy stores where you can see prices and toys for your self without someone handing them to you, and thus influencing your choices
  • A real fast internet connection – this is common in offices though and homes are yet to catch up.

But you know, I did not miss malls, and I did not miss grocery shopping and I did not miss any product as such, except possibly, wipes. I had taken too many wipes of all kinds, so I guess I would have missed it had I not taken them.

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  1. Anonymous

    For me it was – that cars dont stop for you when crossing roads

  2. winfried

    I have become so dependent of the Internet that if I dont have a high speed internet connection I feel Isolated. The internet in my case have become more important than tv.

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