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I pictured myself (a working mom of a pre-schooler) lounging around all day in satin pyjamas reading my favorite fiction – when the doctor had prescribed bed rest.


But the reality was far from this illusion in my head. Here are five things I wish someone had told me about bed rest


  1. Mental Rest: In all likelihood the reason a pregnant woman is prescribed bed rest is because she’s a high risk pregnancy case. While many women retain their active lifestyles while pregnant I’m not going to be one of those. In a high-risk pregnancy there is unimaginable stress as you sit around all day picturing the various ways things could go wrong for the baby. In my case there is intra-uterine bleeding with marginal placental separation. Lots of complications including preterm labor, abnormalities in the baby and abortion are possibilities. In other words bed-rest is for my body but my mind refuses to be on ‘rest’! Be calm, breathe, meditate…I’m trying! 
  2. Time with my Toddler: One of the biggest regrets that no-one told me about is how much I miss playing with my active 2+ yr old daughter. She is kept away by well meaning caregivers who don’t want ‘mummy to be troubled’ by her. But her antics, activities and imagination all are areas I want to enjoy the most now. Heaven knows once baby no.2 arrives I’ll be too busy with the younger one. 
  3. Hobbies are done best only at leisure: Hobbies can cease to be interesting if they are done deliberately through the day and not when the ‘urge’ strikes you. I’m discovering this most depressing fact right now. If I don’t find new hobbies fast, I’ve run out of interesting things to do. Reading – which has always been a passion – seems to be losing its charm too! All the books remind me of areas I would kill to do if I had a forced break of 4 months with nothing to do. Like do an art appreciation course, attend baking class, learn pilates and what not.  
  4. Weight Gain: Sure I’m not supposed to ‘gain too much’ weight during pregnancy. But with this li’l bean inside not getting his/her full quota of nutrition thanks to a blocked pipe – (placenta) – it has me worrying no end. Maybe I should stuff myself so that the excess nutrition is ‘driven down’ the chord and makes the baby grow! On the other hand if I keep stuffing my face, and there’s no physical exercise (except for walking around the two bedroom home I live in) I’m bound to grow fatter! Oh I eat alright- salads, boiled egg, apples, green veggies, fish. But still…ask my thighs they don’t look like they’ll be back in shape anytime soon. 
  5. Everything’s official about it: Taking bed rest ‘seriously’ is a challenge. Mine is a kind of bed rest on parole. Meaning I’m allowed to walk about, do daily personal chores and sit and work on the laptop/watch TV sitting on the sofa. Although there’s a fine line one tends to cross. I instinctively end up lifting my toddler in moments she is distressed. Something I’m expressly forbidden to do. Or I’m absorbed while working longer than usual on the laptop and end up feeling terribly exhausted. I take on work-from-home projects which have tight deadlines and deliverables. It’s an effort to remind myself that God intends me to ‘slow down’ and it’s a new kind of self-discipline I’m learning. 

The blessings are also several. So many well meaning friends and neighbours have dropped in to visit and cheer me up. My mom and in-laws are staying by turns to ensure I get my quota of rest and don’t have to worry about the cooking and housekeeping. Enough access to maids ensures my daughter is treated like a little princess and has dedicated help to focus on her timely meals, tiffin boxes and pre-school attendance. Truly when I read about couples in the western world about how they coped alone – its hard to imagine the stress they go through all by themselves. My husband is ensuring all he can to help me make this transition easy. He’s putting all the infrastructure in place, keeping provisions well-stocked, and managing the home décor project (oh did I tell I you we plan to move into our newly built home but I have no idea how it looks since I’m house bound!). Sigh!


Let me stop her before I begin a new ‘crib’ list…

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  1. Khushi

    Hey, hold tight. Things will work out. It is tough, no way around it. Spend lots of time with your daughter.

  2. Anonymous

    I am so happy to hear that you and your doctor have found ways to keep your baby safe. Babies are great gift. You have a wonderful attitude of being grateful for your blessings. Think of this bedrest as one more – a way to keep your little one safe.

  3. sarmila

    have a wonderful time now1

  4. indrani

    Hi Sophie
    just keep the faith in yourself, in your baby and your doctor and I am sure things will be alrite. when life gives you lemon, make lemonade. Spend this time to get as much rest as you had desired. Talk to your baby. Read books to your toddler and try finding out how is she taking to the addition of a new member in the family soon. Explore the names that you would like to keep for your baby and may be start writing your baby shopping list. I am glad you have appreciation for all the blessings in your life. God bless you with even more!

  5. Tana

    Bravo for your discernment and attitude of gratitude! Maybe you could WRITE a book instead of reading some? 🙂

  6. Thanks for the informative article.

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