Five tricks for Desperate Moms who need a Minute

To go to the bathroom, or answer the phone or turn off the stove when the babies are clinging to you. Note the term desperate…. I thought it would be cool to share some desperate tricks from all of us.

  • Youtube : Switch on the computer at a reasonable height – if you have a PC all the better. Tune in to Youtube and pick a cool video – I use the Lion King Circle of Life Video sometimes or just search by animal names (kittens, cats, elephnats)
  • The dear old idiot box – Maybe a favorite video – this is an old moms favorite trick but then so many of us now dont want our TV to babysit. Again, desperate times…
  • Snack attack – Plunk her in the high chair and offer a much loved and much withheld snack – Goldfish maybe
  • Baby bjorn or back carrier – seriously! it helps to have the hands free.
  • A desperate cabinet, or shelf where you keep some toys and tools (specially kitchen tools, trust me they work great) hidden. Pull out a box just at this instant.

Whats your desperate trick?

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  1. Khushi

    hey I like this. Mine is opening the lowest drawer in my clothes cabinet and letting him have at it.

  2. Anonymous

    I know what you mean by desperate. My daughter moves away from the TV everytime I try it though

  3. Anonymous

    Nice post.

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