Flu nation

First my son got it and now me…it’s the flu, stupid! Krish got it on Sunday…we watched the super bowl with him till 8:30pm or so and just when it started getting intersting with a touchdown from Giants, we had to do some quick remedial measures for Krish’s shooting fever.

So we’ve been doing rounds of tylenols, motrin and warm sponges….today is his fourth day into the flu. I took a day off and then Rahul, hubby, took the next day off…well, he didn’t need to do that as I had to rush back home from work mid-day because I caught it too!

 It has not been too severe on me but flu’s are notorious for causing pre-term labor due to dehydration…so I’ve been pretty much on the bed with Krish on one side (who doesn’t want anybody else but mommy!) and a huge jug of water on the other. My only exercise is the frequent trips to the restroom….

My manager, who incidently is also from Asia and just moved to US this year, still doesn’t know the FLU from other flu’s……so he sent me a mail yesterday hoping that I’d be back to work today. I caught THE FLU last feburary and it was a complete knockout….one full week of 104 fever with no let up.

I went online and saw that entire MA has a flu red-alert..it seems that New England is the Most Valuable Place for not just sports fan but also for a host of winter viruses.

Next year, I am getting the flu shots….and so is Krish.

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  1. Khushi Mommy

    Oh! I hope you and Krish feel better soon. Keep up the water intake, as you said.

  2. zeenia

    Every yr we all make it a point to get our flu shots. Hang in there !! It will be over soon 🙂

  3. Dora

    Hey, hope you are better now. The FLu is the worst.

  4. Priya

    The flu shots doesnt work for me.I got flu everytime I took the shots. must be a diffent strain of virus…

  5. Dora

    Hey Maya, you hanging in there? Update us when you can.

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