Flu, Swine Flu, Colds and other headaches

Like most other moms I know, I have been struggling with how to look at swine flu. First there was all the media coverage of last spring. Their was hysteria, including notes in our room when we checked in to Disney last March about washing hands and coughing into our sleeves. There were the deaths, unexplained deaths of apparently healthy people. The WHO raised the pandemic levels.

And then, in a well concerted effort, probably prodded by the government, a total media silence. No one talked of swine flu much. Occasionally you could hear of swine flu affecting a camp or two but not much news.

Now again, just before back to school, an anxiety spike. Vaccines will be ready in October, but not effective till Thanksgiving. The flu season looks to be one that will be really strong. CDC releases its scare-all report on potential deaths and then enlists Elmo’s help to pass on the message of Flu prevention. Do watch the elmo video’s for flu prevention, they are pretty good.

I must admit I have been very anxious. Kids will catch cold at this time of the year. How to treat it, how to look at it, how to even control my anxiety. I have spent hours on the CDC site (not recommended, I was seriously alarmed).

And so what do I do? What are you doing? Any ideas? I liked reading Yasmin’s post on immune boosters¬†and Sarmila’s post on swine flu.

Recently though I came across Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s article on swine flu on CNN which offered some respite from anxiety. What do you all think?

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  1. sarmila

    do not worry, kids have to wash hands everytime, continue giving lot of fluids, gve lot of fruit and veges high in calcium, orange juice( watch out for the labels high in calcium) , any more concerns, feel free to ask me..

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