Four home remedies for common ailments

Here are three home remedies for common problems from my part of the world.

Home remedy for kids/babies/toddlers with cold or congestion:

Crush a small amount of garlic. Mix with mustard oil.You can add some Methi (Fenugreek) if you like. Boil and then cool. Test the temperature till very luke warm. Rub small amoun on the soles of the feet and the palm of the hands.

Home remedy for Kids/babies/toddlers with stomach ache

Mix mustard oil with a small amount of water. Beat till it becomes white. Massage gently on abdomen, especially the lower abdomen for stomach ache relief.

Home remedy for preventing heat stroke or protecting against heat illness

Where I lived in Purulia, there were dry, hot winds called ‘Loo’ which could cause heat stroke or fever. To protect against that, we used a traditional remedy – Take raw mango (kacha aam) and roast over fire. Make a paste from the roasted mango (aam pora) and rub over stomach and body.

Home remedy for Acne or pimples

A traditional home remedy for acne or pimples is to smear chandan or sandalwood paste on the affected areas and keep it overnight, or at least till it dries. Then wash off.

Of course, check with your doctor about the remedies before using.

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  1. sarmila

    thanks for the tips,, really useful!!

  2. Khushi

    I used the one for cold on my son and it was very useful. Thank you

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