Four ways to enjoy your time on the H4 visa

Usually I write about things I have found out you can do to push your career forward when on the H4 visa. Or just things you can do to take more control. I have told I am too serious, and no doubt H4 does offer a lot of opportunities for enjoying your life here. Some ideas:

The Road Trip Champs : Research, read and drive off. Weekend trips and long drives are in my opinions one of the best perks of living in the US. There are just so many areas near or within driving distance of any place you stay in that can offer so much – and certainly a change of scenery or a break. Plus, city guides will usually list out day trips. Since I am by no means a travel expert, feel free to correct and add. Other than obvious tourist spots, some ideas:

  • Virtually every state has a published list of state parks and national parks. Just Google your state and ‘state parks’ or neighboring states and state parks to come up with ideas.
  • Every city or state has holiday themed events which are often worth visits. These may be light displays (like lake lanier in Ga) or snow parks or a fair. These are often fun breaks
  • Every fall or spring, sites like MSN will cover great drives you can take. If you live in the South the Smoky mountains and the Blue Ridge mountains offer great views and hikes.

Hobby Masters: Ok, so when else will you have so much time to nurture a hobby you love, guiltless? If you have a talent with a needle or a paintbrush, you can come up with your own line of items to share with friends and family. And shops like Joanns or Michaels often have hobby based classes. The classes are just another aspect of socialization. This was not my forte, but I have seen many talented people excel at this. There are also stores like Hobby Lobby which pamper hobbyists much more than in India.

Socieably Yours: Join the local community from your state in India and you may suddenly find yourself at the helm of organizing celebrations and events. Depends on your interest and appetite for work, as most of these organizations are run by volunteers, but its a great way to get plugged in and develop a friend circle beyond your immediate contacts through your husbands office or your neigbourhood.

Bookworms: I have written about how libraries are a great place to catch up on reading. Most libraries also have book clubs, and so do Barnes and Nobles as well as reading groups. You may like to join one and see if you find some friends – or start your own! These clubs often have great discussion group and takes you across different cultures.  Also, given the influx of Indian authors, people love perspectives of someone from India.

I also wrote before on volunteering on the H4 and some other ideas to try. I also wrote a serialized story on H4 life.

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